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Did you know...

  • that children have profoundly different skin symptoms than adults?
  • that skin symptoms developing in childhood might be concomitant phenomena related to more serious enteral diseases?
  • that childhood skin symptoms may shed light on bad habits or psychic anxiety?

Should you notice any skin lesions on your child, do not hesitate to contact our specialists.

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The level of protection of children’s skin is lower than that of the adults, therefore it is much more vulnerable and sensitive to infections. Some skin disorders develop specifically in childhood. The onset and the course of childhood skin disorders is completely different than those of the adults, therefore their treatment requires a specialist – a pediatric dermatologist.

Our pediatric dermatology private clinic is at your service for any kind of skin symptoms. The most prevalent activities are:

  • care for acute and chronic skin diseases
  • definitive wart therapy
  • examination and pharmaceutical therapy of haemangioma
  • mole screening and care during childhood
  • eczema, childhood hair loss, regular treatment of nail diseases
  • infections in the private area during childhood
  • treatment for bacterial and fungal infections
  • teenage skin problems – acne treatment

Our pediatric dermatologists are specialized for the care of children, thus you can make sure that the Boulevard Medical Center provides the most appropriate treatment and care for your child.

In order to make an appointment, please contact us on our phone number +36 30 545-4159 or online.

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