Laser treatments

Medical-aesthetic procedures without surgery or incision

Rejuvenating and renewing your skin swiftly and effectively

Enhancement of the skin’s own natural processes


Our laser treatments are recommended for you:

  • if you are bothered by your skin imperfections: pimple scars, capillaries, pigment spots, uneven skin surface
  • if you would like to preserve or restore the flexibility and fullness of your skin
  • if you long for firm, smooth and radiantly young skin
  • if you would not like to have foreign substances in your body

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Our treatments with lasers and other instruments (radio frequency, ultrasound) offer quick, painless and long-term solution both for eliminating skin unevenness and rejuvenating the skin. As time flies, production of collagen and flexible fibers decreases, and in parallel the firmness of the skin is reduced and the skin becomes looser due to the decay of the subcutaneous connective tissue. Also, regenerating potency of the skin decreases over time, thus skin imperfections are more and more visible and permanent.

The Boulevard Medical Center offers an outstandingly broad range of instruments and other medical-aesthetic treatment machinery in order to provide effective treatment for skin imperfections and to slow down the aging process. Our instrumental facial treatments by lasers and other modern methods (fractional laser treatment, Gentle laser treatment, IPL, Scarlet microneedle radiofrequency treatment, HIFU high intensity focused ultrasound treatment etc.) induce the reproduction of collagen fibers responsible for the firmness of the connective tissues by continuous stimulation of the natural skin processes. Each treatment exert its effect in different layers of the skin, thus combining the treatments enables you to renew all layers of your skin and keep them young.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to get rid of your pigments pots or pimple scars, nonetheless we can help if your skin is affected by dilated capillaries. Make an appointment for consultation with our aesthetic dermatologists who will find the treatment most suitable for you.

In order to make an appointment, please contact us on our phone number +36 30 545-4159 or online.

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