Hair Mesotherapy


Hair and scalp treatment with hair mesotherapy procedures

Hair mesotherapy provides guaranteed remedy for hair diseases. Our hair and scalp are exposed to several effects in everyday life. Their condition is affected by environmental stress and the ageing process. Our hair and scalp form an integral part of our appearance, thus we need to take good care of them as in the case of the skin on our face and body.

Consequently, we recommend hair mesotherapy treatment as a proven medical remedy for treating scalp-related problems. With the help of the well-known needle mesotherapy method, we inject active agents into the scalp, where they can exert their effect in the most appropriate place.

The active agent used for mesotherapy may include the following:

  • Vitamin A, is a component of the skin, the lack of which results  dry, coarse, fragmented hair
  • Vitamin B – plays a crucial role in regeneration
  • Vitamin C and vitamin E – with antioxidant effect
  • Vitamin H (biotin) to improve metabolism and regulate oil production
  • Dexpanthenol 20% responsible for the thickness of hair
  • Ginko-biloba increases congestion for a more effective absorption
  • Organic silica helps cell formation

We also apply other special complexes on the scalp during hair mesotherapy which are mixtures enriched with growth factorshormones, minerals and hyaluronic acid.

Hair loss and hair mesotherapy

On a worldwide level, 40% of women and 50% of men suffer from hair loss. Hair loss for women means losing their “crown”, while men associate hair loss with ageing and the decrease in their sexual activity. MesoHair, a virtual, painless, vitamin, mineral and DHT-blocking cure effectively helps hair strengthening for women and treats baldness for men. The active agent used during mesotherapy restores the vitamins and minerals that are lost during the ageing process. Hair mesotherapy stimulates blood circulation in the scalp and increases the growth of hair follicles, as well as inserts the appropriate substances underneath the scalp, to the follicles through micro-injections. It increases the scalp’s blood circulation, helps the maintenance of its good condition and revitalizes follicles. It fosters the growth of hair, extends the scalp area, and stops hair loss. In the long run, this mesotherapeutic substance blocks hormone DHT, which may cause hair loss. Mesotherapy can also be successfully applied in case of women suffering from menopausal hair loss.

Treating greasy hair with hair mesotherapy

Hormonal changes, malnutrition or stress affecting the vegetative nervous system can cause significant hair greasing. Oil overproduction may result in the greasing of hair follicles which may decrease their nutrient absorption, and eventually, lead to hair loss. Also, the hair often has an oily, sticky feel and flattens easily. This kind of greasing can be treated with mesotherapy but a change in lifestyle is also required for a complete recovery. Our doctor and cosmetician helps select the appropriate active agents and, in case further medical examination is required, our gynecologists may also be involved.

Anti-dandruff protection

There are two types of dandruffs. One of them is of fungal, the other is of bacterial origin. The first is the so-called dry dandruff, while the other is known as oily dandruff. Psoriasis is incorrectly called dandruff, as its symptoms can be similar to dry dandruff. The symptoms of dry dandruff are the shedding of yellowish, greyish, whitish dandruff flakes from the scalp. In treating dry dandruff, flakes must be thoroughly removed from the scalp and hair, and the scalp must be sterilized and hydrated.

  • The symptoms of dry dandruff are yellowish-white, grey- and brown-toned, round dandruffs on the scalp and hair. It spreads through physical contact, thus combs, pillows and other objects contacting the hair must be sterilized. The treatments require carefully selected active agents. Seek medical help from our doctor!
  • Psoriasis is the result of a defective immune system. In this case, skin cells reproduce within 3-4 days instead of the regular, 28-day cycle, thus causing gathered skin layers on the scalp and any other point of the body. These areas may be under painful inflammation or bleeding. In this case, the mesotherapy treatment might not be the right solution. In consultation with a dermatologist, another type of treatment must be sought for recovering the skin’s condition.

Mesotherapy against dry, fragmented hair

The lack of oil production causes the dryness of hair and scalp and sometimes the flaking of scalp, along with coarse and fragmented hair. It can result from a severe chemical effect, e.g. dying or perm, sunlight, chlorine water, inappropriate hair care products, or internal problems e.g. hormonal issues or nutritional deficiency.


We recommend this treatment for men, too! 

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