Facial esthetic treatments

Rejuvenating your face and face lifting without surgery or incision

Immediate, spectacular results achieved during just a “mealtime”

Natural and harmonic shape of the face – self-confident appearance


Our facial aesthetic treatments are just right for you:

  • if you would like to slow the aging process and preserve your natural beauty
  • if you would like to make your face more harmonic and thus improve your appearance
  • if you prefer quick and efficient methods to regain the youthfulness of your face
  • if you are bothered by the circles under your eyes, the wrinkles on your face or the loss of fullness of your skin
  • if you cannot afford to skip several days from your work

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Our specialists at the Boulevard MedicalEsthetic Center will not only erase the signs of aging, wrinkles or parts of your skin which have lost their elasticity, but they can make your face more harmonic, thus rendering your whole appearance more pleasant. Our facial aesthetic interventions are not related to your age, as circles under the eyes, too thin lips, a too narrow or square shape of the face or an unpleasant nose shape are genetic traits which can easily be corrected by applying face lift with hyaluronic acid. This enables you to achieve your best look without surgery.

Boulevard MedicalEsthetic Center offers minimally invasive facial aesthetic treatments without the need to cut into the skin. We provide the widest range of such treatments spanning from improving the quality, texture and level of hydration (hydrobalance therapy, Skin Booster, PRP - Dracula therapy, peeling) through the elimination/reduction of wrinkles (Botox treatment, wrinkle filling with hyaluronic acid) to creating a more harmonic face shape (thread lifting methods, facial filling with hyaluronic acid or Radiesse).

During the consultation our cosmetic dermatologists will identify the treatment most suitable for you so that you can be absolutely satisfied and self-confident. Please contact us on our phone number +36 30 545 4159 or online for an appointment, where we can provide personalized solution optimized for your needs.

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